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Worthing Heat Mapping Project Progresses

Worthing Borough Council has with Heat Networks Delivery Unit (HNDU) support, has completed the Worthing Heat Map Masterplan and Civic Quarter Feasibility Study and has successfully applied to HNDU, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Development (BEIS) for Detailed Project Development (DPD) Stage Stakeholder Support funding.

West Sussex Estate Partnership has project managed the Master Planning and Feasibility Stage and has been further commissioned by the Council to project manage the Civic Quarter Heat Network Development to award of contract stage. gbpartnerships, under a Management Services Agreement, undertake the work on behalf of the LIFTCo.

Worthing Borough Council are soon to commence the development of the Civic Car Park site, Stoke Abbot Road, Worthing, with the construction of a new £30m Integrated Care Centre and adjoining multi-storey car park.

The car park is surrounded by a number of public buildings (see diagram below) and therefore, the opportunity exists to introduce sustainable technologies into the new development that may be linked to and provide environmentally and economically beneficial source/s of heat/energy to the new build and adjacent public properties.

1. Worthing Town Hall

2. Worthing Library

3. Law Courts

4. Worthing Museum & Art Gallery

5. Assembly Hall

6. Worthing Registration Office (Portland House)

The car park will be infilled with;

1. Worthing Integrated Care Centre

2. Multi-storey car park.

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