developing and managing primary health and social care property across West Sussex

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West Sussex Estates Partnership Limited (WSEP) is a partnership created by the NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT). WSEP develops and manages primary health and social care property across the West Sussex.  Projects are procured under the umbrella of the Strategic Partnering Agreement.

Priorities are determined in the context of a local Strategic Service Development Plan, developed and promoted by the local Strategic Partnering Board.  In this regard relationships with the Partcipants (SPA Signatories) are nurtured and maintained.


"We offer the very best services in our field. We never settle for second best and always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are and we are proud of it".




We are able to assist our partners in structuring where and how their services will be delivered

  • Strategic

  • Facilitation

  • Community engagement


Our experience ranges from developing small ad-hoc solutions through to entire neighbourhood regeneration

  • Master Planning

  • Project Management

  • Technical Management


We are able to offer market leading financial solutions in addition to financial management services

  • Project finance

  • Management accountancy

  • Financial modelling


Through our sister companies we are able to deliver a range of health and local authority services

  • Primary Care

  • Pharmacy

  • Other health & community services

  • Leisure

  • Delivery of Capital Works


Our experience ranges from developing small ad-hoc solutions through to entire neighbourhood regeneration

  • Asset Management

  • FM Management

  • Property Management

  • Life Cycle


Whether it be social enterprise, environmental, construction or design, we have an established consortium of experts who enhance our ability to create innovative solutions for our partners

  • Construction

  • Design

  • Environmental

  • Social enterprise

  • Planning consultants


Charlotte Douglass

Director Charlotte joined the asset management team at Equitix in June 2016. She has particular focus on the real estate assets within the Funds. Charlotte has over 13 years of transactional and advisory experience in Real Estate.

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Ravi _ LIFTCo websites.jpg

B Ravi Kumar

Ravi is appointed by Community Health Partnerships Limited to sit on PPP LIFT Boards. Ravi has worked in health PFI/PPP since January 2000 and has a background in PPP asset and investment management.

Julian Sutcliffe (003).jpg

Julian Sutcliffe

Julian joined Equitix in May 2019 and he holds responsibility for a number of projects  predominantly within Fund V across various sectors including, healthcare, rail and social housing.

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